Monthly Music Journal (2021–2022)

A monthly project: curated playlists that express my monthly musical mood & journey. My hope is that this project gives you insight on my musical tastes, my favorite artists & songs, and something new that you might enjoy! Be sure to check out the featured artists!

01. September ’21: Groovin’ Over It

Featuring Alonso Montero, Troubled Empire, and Greg Lou.

02. October ’21: Traveling

Featuring Sevndeep & Trapcry

03. November ’21: Alternate Route

Featuring Delmont and Aaron K. Gray

04. December ’21: Temporal Distortion

Featuring Petriform

05. January ’22: Wistful Feeling

Featuring Lady Ri

06. February ’22: Interpersonal Spectrum II

Featuring Sevndeep, Leslie Andrea, and Zai B.

07. March ’22: NO DANCE, NO LIFE

Featuring Brandon “Oldsoulmusic” Lane

08. April ’22: dream again

Featuring Dvprise and James “Saxsmo” Gates

09. May ’22: Feeling Free, Feeling Right

Featuring Calvin Presents & Chance Fischer

10. June ’22: transient soundscape

Featuring Brandon “Oldsoulmusic” Lane & Rodney Stith

11. July ’22: Emerging

Featuring June Elizabeth

12. August ’22: 2015

Featuring Bill McGee